Hip Hop Dance- What's It All About?

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Hip hop dance is really cool! Get the music going, learn the steps, and start dancing hip hop! Get excited whenever the music is playing? Do you feel like dancing yourself? You can learn by watching a hip hop dance instruction dvd.

Hip hop dance is something that has emerged in recent times and by recent I mean within the last fifty to sixty years. There are many different forms of hip hop and each has it's own particular style. The thing about hip hop dance that many people are often confused about is that there isn't one form of hip hop dancing but there are many forms of hip hop dancing.

The great thing about hip hop is that there isn't one style, and this is because of the high creativity that is involved with hip hop dancing. Hip hop dancers moves are often original and unique to each individual dancer. This is because hip hop is whatever dance that is popular right now.

Hip Hop dance moves can be invented at any moment. Take for examples huge hip hop stars such as Michael Jackson. He invented a range of his own moves, although many of them are out of the category Michael set the background for the emerging hip hop stars that came in the future. People such as Britney Spears and Madonna were able to set the standards of what hip hop dancing is. The latest hip hop star that is a big rage right now would be Soulja Boy, with his one hit popular dance move, superman.

There has also been many sub cultures of hip hop dancing that emerged such as break dancing, and even clowning. Hip hop dancers encompass a huge variety of different types of dancers. Each hip hop dancers has their own signature moves and styles that they personally invented. Being a hip hop dancer means grooving the music and letting your natural dance moves take over and simply flow.

In order to learn hip hop dancing it helps to look and feel great. You have to wear the kind of hip hop dancewear which makes you look good, feel good and then you will perform better. The best place to search for cool, trendy, urban dancewear is online. Online Dance stores have a huge range of urban dancewear and hip hop dancewear which they can source in all sizes and colors, unlike high street stores which can hold limited stock of sizes and styles.

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Hip Hop Dance- What's It All About?

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This article was published on 2010/12/08