Hip Hop Wardrobe Staples For Women

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For any woman who dresses, or wants to dress in hip hop clothing, the choices are staggering. There are many lines to choose your dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, and accessories from. Styles range from super casual to elegant and formal. Even though the amount of choices to build your hip hop wardrobe from is enormous, there are just a few basic pieces necessary for both the hip hop fashionista and the woman just looking to liven up their look.

A great pair of jeans-makes anyone look good and this is especially true for "hip hop" jeans. Denims created by hip hop designers can be dressed up or down, and allow for more natural curves and have more stretch than jeans by traditional designers, so they flatter more body types. Women don't have to squeeze into them, which constricts blood flow, and just makes said curves pop out elsewhere, something that isn't ever flattering.

Miniskirts seem intimidating to some women, but shouldn't be. They don't have to be super-short or immodest, just above the knee. Paired with a fabulous pair of shoes and dressy top, a miniskirt can be really dressy, put it on with a tee and some sneakers, and you are ready for a casual day.

A couple of great tops can go with jeans, slacks, or a skirt, and can be the added oomph your wardrobe needs. Just make sure the cut is flattering to your figure. Get one neutral colored tee that can be dressed up or down, a neutral dressier top, and one in a bright color.

Get a handbag that is neutral. Your handbag is your statement and should go with everything, and stand alone. If you want to expand your wardrobe, you can expand your collection to include colors, but you should have a "go to" bag. Nowadays, bigger is better in regards to handbags, and large bags come with pockets to organize everything.

Finally for your jewelry accessories. A pair of large, thin hoops in either gold or platinum tones will go with anything. Two or three necklaces, in differing lengths, that can be either worn alone or together. Of course, "bling", or lots of diamonds and gems, is trendy, but not necessary. It is important not to overdo accessories, if you don't feel like it "fits" you, or your style, it probably doesn't.

No matter which item or items you decide to get, it is not impossible to get it at an affordable price. Many hip hop designers have their own outlets and clearance sales and there are numerous sites online that offer overstock items for fractions of the original prices. Simply do an internet search for the particular item and/or brand you happen to be looking for and you will be amazed at the amount of items it returns. Happy Hunting!

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Hip Hop Wardrobe Staples For Women

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This article was published on 2010/03/31